This event provides an opportunity for doctoral candidates to share research, glean feedback, and gain experience presenting a paper in front of a large audience, the annual PhD Colloquium has proven itself invaluable as test-run for work in progress before it is presented at professional conferences and job talks.


PhD Research Roundtable – April 11, 2024, Noon – 2 p.m. in DT 1811

Featuring four upper-year doctoral candidates in conversation with their supervisors, this roundtable will showcase exciting research being undertaken in our PhD program.

  • Adam Dias on strategies of managing estrangement and identification in science fiction and fantasy
  • Ross Chiasson on how Euro-American traditions of ruin-gazing dating back to the seventeenth century are (re)imagined in the virtual worlds of video games
  • Cait Jones on how city novels by black Queer writers are pitched against racist legal frameworks in the medical system and in housing and immigration policy
  • Sarah Pelletier on trade and craft identities as instruments of exclusion in nineteenth-century typographical journals

Supervisors Brian Johnson, Philip Kaisary, and Jody Mason will discuss the ways that these research projects intersect with and enrich their own. The roundtable will conclude with an open period of discussion.

Past Presenters:


Dessa Bayrock: Canada Reads and the Gamification of Literary Awards

Todd Anderson: Marshalling Sacred Epigram in Early Modern England

Ryan Prittie: Don’t You Wish This Moment Could Last Forever? Scott Pilgrim and Slice-of-life Manga

Jenna Herdman: ’Thundering Wonders’ and the Working Classes at the Crystal Palace: Representations of the Great
Exhibition in Reynolds’s Newspaper

Veronika Kratz: Judith Merril: Anthologizing Canonical Science Fiction in the “Year’s Best” Series


Bridgette Brown: Imperial Imaginings, Canadian Writing and the South African War (c. 1899)

Alexander Grammatikos: “Let Us Look At Them As They Are”: Lord Byron and Modern Greek Print Culture

Sarah Waisvisz: Murky Memory: Perpetrators and Complex Political Victims from the Literary Haitian Diaspora


Andrew Connolly: What is the Literary Postsecular?

Christopher Doody: Reading 2.0: Amazon, Free Labour, and Exploitation

Robert Mousseau: Cultural Bulls Reading Literary Books: Exploring Influence in Authorship Through Jonathan Franzen and Oprah Winfrey