This event provides an opportunity for doctoral candidates to share research, glean feedback, and gain experience presenting a paper in front of a large audience, the annual PhD Colloquium has proven itself invaluable as test-run for work in progress before it is presented at professional conferences and job talks.


Dessa Bayrock: Canada Reads and the Gamification of Literary Awards

Todd Anderson: Marshalling Sacred Epigram in Early Modern England

Ryan Prittie: Don’t You Wish This Moment Could Last Forever? Scott Pilgrim and Slice-of-life Manga

Jenna Herdman: ’Thundering Wonders’ and the Working Classes at the Crystal Palace: Representations of the Great
Exhibition in Reynolds’s Newspaper

Veronika Kratz: Judith Merril: Anthologizing Canonical Science Fiction in the “Year’s Best” Series

Past Presenters:


Bridgette Brown: Imperial Imaginings, Canadian Writing and the South African War (c. 1899)

Alexander Grammatikos: “Let Us Look At Them As They Are”: Lord Byron and Modern Greek Print Culture

Sarah Waisvisz: Murky Memory: Perpetrators and Complex Political Victims from the Literary Haitian Diaspora


Andrew Connolly: What is the Literary Postsecular?

Christopher Doody: Reading 2.0: Amazon, Free Labour, and Exploitation

Robert Mousseau: Cultural Bulls Reading Literary Books: Exploring Influence in Authorship Through Jonathan Franzen and Oprah Winfrey