The Drama Studies Program, housed in the Department of English Language and Literature provides English majors in the 20-credit B. A. program the opportunity to declare a Concentration, while non-majors may add a Minor in Drama Studies.

Through the combination of academic courses taught by scholars, and drama workshops taught by theatre practitioners, the program aims to enable students to develop the skills of Theatre Criticism and Dramaturgy*.

Students can expect to broaden their knowledge of the following:

  • the fundamentals of theatre practice
  • performance theories and staging techniques, as well as histories of performance
  • script analysis
  • the elements of theatrical design that create meaning in a production
  • professional theatre in the local Ottawa community
  • collaborative processes in theatre-making
  • the art of writing theatre critique
  • methods of engaging critically with live theatre

* A word on the elusive term, “Dramaturgy”: Dramaturgy, broadly defined, is a practice-based discipline in which elements of writing and staging, within the cultural context of a play, are explored by directors and playwrights, often with the assistance of a professional dramaturg, in preparation for public presentation.

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Degree Requirements

The Concentration in Drama Studies is open to English Honours majors.

The Concentration in Drama Studies integrates 3.5 Drama credits into the B.A. Honours English program.  The Concentration focuses on drama as a distinct genre within literary studies, and, while it is not intended to train professional actors and theatre personnel, the Concentration provides students with the opportunity to engage drama and the theatre both intellectually and experientially through participation in courses, workshops, and small productions.

Drama workshops are taught by a theatre professional with diverse experience in both acting and directing.  Drama courses are taught by faculty.

The Concentration in Drama Studies may be declared upon admission or added to students’ existing program. To add the Concentration, login to Carleton Central and select Change Program Elements from the Student Online Applications menu.

To receive the designation B.A. Honours in English with Concentration in Drama Studies on their diploma, students must:

  • Complete a full credit in drama or screenwriting workshops
  • Complete a full-credit in Shakespeare courses
  • Complete a full credit in drama courses other than Shakespeare
  • Complete the fourth-year Theatre Production Seminar.  Admission into the Seminar is contingent on completion of the two drama workshops as well as past or concurrent participation in a Sock ‘n’ Buskin production or another local theatre company, with permission of the program.

Minor in Drama Studies (4.0 credits)

Degree Requirements

The Drama Studies Minor offers a way for non-English majors to incorporate a focus on drama and theatre into their programs.

To receive the designation of Drama Studies on their diploma, students must complete 4 credits.

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