Photo of Sarah Haley

Sarah Haley

M.A. Candidate, Theatre Creator, and Public Servant

Degrees:BA, English, Concentration in Drama, Minor in Medieval and Early Modern Studies, 2015 – 2019 (Carleton University)

Bachelor of Arts, English, Concentration in Drama, Minor in Medieval and Early Modern Studies, 2015 – 2019 (Carleton University)

Following my undergraduate degree, I made a small move across town to pursue my Master’s of Arts in Theatre with a specialization in Medieval and Renaissance Studies at the University of Ottawa. My research revolves around Shakespeare and body/nation metaphors, and their intersections with Postcolonialism and Diaspora studies, specifically pertaining to Palestine and Palestinian diaspora.

My creative work parallels my academic research as well. Recently much of my work has been introspective, looking at my identity and trying to find new ways to explore and understand it. My most recent production, Olive: A Culinary Landscape was last performed at the Ottawa Fringe Festival in 2019. It centered around my identity, and explored the themes of diaspora, war, and culture through food. Currently, I am working on developing a production of Titus Andronicus in tandem with my thesis work.

Concurrent to my academic and creative work, I am also an analyst for the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat. I started working for the government in my first year as part of the Federal Student Work Experience Program (FSWEP), and as I continued through school, I also continued to develop my research, analytical, and writing skills.

My Drama Studies Concentration and the experience I obtained through my degree directly informed my current path. It was my concentration that prepared me and encouraged me to pursue as Master’s in Theatre. Likewise, being about to study drama from a theoretical perspective enriched my artistic practice. Being able to study both the theoretical and practical components of drama gave me the confidence and tools to pursue my creative projects and my graduate studies.

The Drama Studies Concentration was a unique experience where I was able to learn from professionals, both Academics and Artist. I also found that there were lots of opportunities to meet with local and national theatre practitioners and learn from their experiences and expertise. Finally, I found the program to be enriching and supportive, with a staff that was always interested in the students’ work and development.