Clear, concise, and well-crafted communication is essential in all areas of endeavour.  However, the characteristics of this communication can vary by professional context. 

The Professional Writing Program addresses this need for context-appropriate writing with a unique combination of courses and work placement opportunities. 

The program is a collaboration between the Department of English and the School of Linguistics & Language Studies.  As such, it integrates theory from such fields as genre, discourse, and writing studies with the practical application of these theories in a range of different fields and with a variety of different communication objectives. 

Our Mission

  • provide a comprehensive education in the nature, contexts, and practice of the specialized types of writing that occur in professional contexts (e.g., government, NGOs, medical institutions, trade associations, public interest groups, private corporations)
  • teach students how to produce texts such as reports, briefs, and grant proposals
  • help students understand the nature of genres, the vital role of a sense of audience, and the specific language required by different writing contexts
  • give students the opportunity to undertake work placements in various professional writing contexts

Minor in Professional Writing (4.0 credits)

Degree Requirements

To add the Professional Writing Minor to your program elements:

  • Login to Carleton Central
  • Under ‘Student Online Applications’, select ‘Change of Program Elements’
  • Review the summary of your current program elements and click ‘Change Program Elements’
  • Select ‘Professional Writing’ from the list of minors and click ‘Submit Changes’
  • Your request will be sent to the Registrar’s Office for approval

Please note you will not receive written communication from the Registrar’s Office if your request is approved. Please check your audit 3-5 business days after you submit your request to see if it has been approved.

If your application is declined, you will receive written communication through your Carleton email explaining the reason your request was not approved.

Certificate in Professional Writing (5.0 credits)

Degree Requirements

To apply for the Certificate program, you must email

Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Professional Writing (5.0 credits)

Degree Requirements

To apply for the Post-Baccalaureate program you must submit an application through the OUAC (Ontario Universities Application Centre).

English Language Requirement

If you are an international applicant or a Canadian citizen and resident whose first language is not English please refer to the Undergraduate Calendar for the current English as a Second Language Requirement (ESLR). Applicants must satisfy the ESLR prior to admission in the program.