Myth: Not all English students become teachers! Fact: The study of English literature leads to many more career pathways then you might think. Consider some of the following stories from recent grads, whose degrees and interests, cultivated and nurtured in our department, have had interesting outcomes:

As a grammar-savy English undergrad, Aaron Mills aspired to write the Great Canadian Novel. Instead, he is finishing his doctoral dissertation on the relevance of Anishinaabe legal traditions to some of the most pressing problems Canada is facing today. Read how the seeds planted at Carleton have grown into award-winning scholarship and research.
lemke3_625 Read the story about David Lemke, who combines his love of words with his passion for photography as he travells the world. He now works as a professional photographer.
Tavis_625 Tavis Apramian is fulfilling his dream: to pursue a degree in medicine, informed by his study of literature. Read about how he uses his knowledge of narrative to document what he sees in the surgical theatre here.
oldershaw Mark Oldershaw had a unique experience as a bronze medal winner in the one-man 1,000-metre canoe sprint at the 2012 Olympic Games. Read why this English graduate from 2010 considers school and sport to be very similar.