Photo of Chloe Kohlman

Chloe Kohlman

Teacher candidate, writer

Degrees:B.A. English with a Concentration in Creative Writing, 2020 (Carleton University) and M.A. English, 2021 (Carleton University)

After finishing my M.A. at Carleton, I went right back into school and am currently working towards my B. Ed. I’m fortunate enough to be working with the Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa where I help support vulnerable youth, specifically with their education. Writing is something that has remained a constant in my life, and I’m happy to say that I am part of a writer’s circle with many of the people I met at Carleton University during my undergraduate degree.

Before starting at Carleton, I planned on completing a 3-year English degree. Now, I find myself looking into PhD programs daily. Carleton University helped me realize my potential as a creative writer, an academic, and a professional. I owe a great amount to the faculty in the English department, specifically Jan Schroeder for encouraging me to think about a master’s degree, Rick Taylor and David Stymeist for both challenging me and inspiring me as a writer, and Marc Hewson who is dearly missed and made a greater impact on students than he could ever know. These, and many other professors at Carleton, inspired me to pursue education. English Literature opens so many doors, challenges our ways of thinking and knowing, and helps us learn more about the world around us, which is a message I hope to pass along to the students I teach.

I chose Carleton specifically because of the creative writing concentration, but I stayed (and returned for grad school) because of the faculty, and the wide range of courses offered. The many creative, professional, and academic opportunities were a bonus. The chance to have my creative work published, to run a literary magazine, and attend lectures led by Canadian authors are just some of the formative experiences I received as a result of being a student at Carleton. One of my fondest memories of my undergraduate degree is thanks to the Spring Extravaganza of Literary and Dramatic Arts where I, for the first time, shared an original poem in a public setting. The English department is constantly offering opportunities to celebrate its students’ work and achievements, which helps foster a very supportive and motivating atmosphere.