Photo of Patrick Gleddie

Patrick Gleddie

Risk Management Analyst

Degrees:BA Honours English 2020 (Carleton University), Honours in Political Science 2020 (Carleton University). Masters of English 2021 (Carleton University)

There are many benefits to an English degree at Carleton. English is often underrated, but in the Arts and Social Sciences it is the degree which produces the most analytical thinkers. Through all of the assignments and essays I became a very strong writer and strong writers are valued in every workplace. The English Department’s Co-op Program also helped me prepare for the professional world by helping me understand the value of transferable skills.

One reason I choose Carleton is because of the school newspaper. The Charlatan is one of the best school newspapers in the country and many of its editors have had remarkable careers, such as Mark Masters. It was a privilege to get to know so many dedicated writers and editors. I learned a lot from them. Additionally, writing for the school paper allowed me to cover the National Basketball Championship and get a taste of what it is like to participate in real press conferences.

One of the greatest benefits I found from Carleton’s English program is the quality of the Professors. So many of my English Professors made it a joy to come to class because they were so passionate about their respective subjects. The Professors in the English department care A LOT about their students and that’s what made it an easy decision to stay at Carleton for my Masters.