Photo of Sarah Pelletier

Sarah Pelletier

Degrees:M.A. (University of Toronto), B.A. (Ryerson University)

Print History/Culture, Labour in Literary Production, Material Culture, Authorship, Paraliteratures, Ephemera, Books about Books

My research focuses on typographical trade journals from Central/Eastern Canada and the Northern United States, understanding these publications as sites of local and transnational communication and collaboration which demonstrate how tradespeople’s culture of print responded to increasing automation and unionization in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. My research will combine the study of transnational printers and their publications with the study of unions and their journals. I will focus on concerns regarding the credibility and professionalism of the trade, conditions of work, and the perceived threat of women’s entrance into the trade and the resulting gendered division of labour.

2018 Printing Apprentice, Robertson Davies Library Printing Fellowship Program (Massey College, University of Toronto).