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Janice Schroeder

Degrees:B.A. Honours (Winnipeg); M.A. Ph.D. (Alberta)
Phone:613-520-2600 x 1791
Office:1924 Dunton Tower

Research Interests:

My main research interests are in nineteenth-century British literature and culture. I have particular interests in Victorian print and oral media; feminist writing of the nineteenth century and its intersections with twentieth and twenty-first century feminisms; the Victorian schoolroom and mass education; the Victorian prison, and Victorian journalism. Together with my colleague Barbara Leckie, I am currently co-editing a critical edition of Henry Mayhew’s London Labour and the London Poor for Broadview Press.

In the last several years the focus of my research has been on the production of meanings about the speaking voice in Victorian print culture. My current book project, Voice Prints: Women, Voice, and Speech in Victorian Writing examines the material history of Victorian women’s embodied speaking voices across a range of contexts, including the lecture hall, the pulpit, the classroom, the prison, and the street. By focusing on the print documents that recorded the sound of the female speaking voice, my work treats written records of women’s voice acts as instances of found sound.

My teaching interests are closely connected to my research. I am currently teaching a graduate course on Mayhew’s London Labour in which students are directly involved in conducting research and contributing scholarly annotations for the forthcoming Broadview edition. Another recent graduate course I taught, “The Printed Voice: Speech, Sound, and Print in Victorian Culture” explored the ways in which Victorian print forms—the realist novel, the newspaper, the transcript—attempted to capture, record, and play back the sound of the embodied human voice. In my undergraduate teaching in the past several years I have been pairing neo-Victorian fiction with nineteenth-century novels in order to investigate the ways in literary fiction imagines a feminist past and present. I have also recently taught undergraduate seminars on the nineteenth-century penitentiary, solitary confinement, and Victorian and contemporary practices of dark tourism.

Since coming to Carleton I have supervised Master’s and PhD projects on H. Rider Haggard, A.S. Byatt, Arthur Conan Doyle, George Eliot, Elizabeth Gaskell, Robert Louis Stevenson, Belgravia Magazine, and Charlotte Brontë. I would be happy to receive proposals for doctoral research on most aspects of Victorian literature and culture, including but not limited to those outlined above.


Teaching Innovation Award, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Carleton University, 2017

Recent and Forthcoming Publications:

Co-editor, London Labour and the London Poor by Henry Mayhew. Forthcoming 2018.

“Secrets Grow Small and No Longer Exist”: Dora Dueck’s This Hidden Thing.” 11 Encounters with Mennonite Fiction, ed. Hildi Froese Tiessen. 2017.

Editor, Special issue for Victorian Periodicals Review on Victorian education and the periodical press. Winter 2017.

The Langham Place Circle.” Blackwell Encyclopedia of Victorian Literature. 2015.

“The Schooled Voice: Sound and Sense in the Victorian Schoolroom.” ZAA 63.1 (2015).

I have published scholarly reviews in English Studies in Canada, Victorian Review, Victorian Periodicals Review, Journal of Mennonite Studies, and U of T Quarterly and am a member of the review board for Nineteenth Century Gender Studies.

Plenary Address

“Talk, Listen, Repeat.” Victorian Studies Association of Western Canada, Vancouver, BC, April 2017, on “Victorian Education.”

Papers Recently Presented

“Weaving Displacement Plots in Maurice Mierau’s Detachment.” Mennonite/s Writing VIII. Winnipeg, MB, October 2017.

“Henry Mayhew: Recycling, Remediation, Collaboration.” North American Victorian Studies Association. Banff, AB, November 2017. Co-authored with Barbara Leckie.

The Pattern of the Paper on Our Walls:’ Victorian Prisons and Everyday Monotony.” North American Victorian Studies Association. Phoenix, AZ, November 2016.

“Women Inmates and their Intimates.” Victorian Studies Association of Western Canada. Winnipeg, MB, April 2016.

“Ain’t I a Gender Failure? Ivan Coyote, Sojourner Truth and the Bared Breast.” ACCUTE. Ottawa, ON, June 2015.

“Sounding It Out: Voice and Language in the Victorian Schoolroom.” ACCUTE, Brock University, St. Catharines, ON, May 2014.

“Vocal Hygiene: Cleansing the ‘Slum Child’s’ Voice.” Northeast Victorian Studies Association, NYU Stonybrook, April 2014.

Graduate Supervisions

Doctoral supervisor for Jenna Herdman. “The Remediated Mayhew.” In progress.

Fiona Crawford. “Authoring a Masculine Inheritance: H. Rider Haggard, the Tichborne Claimant, and the Tattoo.” January 2010 – July 2010.