Photo of Myriam  Durocher

Myriam Durocher

Outreach Materials Project Coordinator, Editor, Conference Chair

Myriam Durocher is a postdoctoral researcher at Carleton University (Canada) and at the University of Sydney (Australia). Her research interests revolve around critically addressing the power relationships and issues that take form at the intersection of (“healthy”) food, bodies, health and environment(s). Her PhD research thesis, anchored in a cultural studies perspective, questioned the social construction of “healthy” food in Quebec’s (Canada) contemporary food culture and how it contributes to the (re)production of uneven relationships between human and more-than-human bodies. Myriam currently pursues the exploration of Quebec’s (and Canada’s) biomedicalized food culture by critically addressing the power relationships involved in the development of practices that aim to prevent health-related risks associated with food. In developing the Food Matters Conference, she hoped to bring together researchers from various disciplines, practitioners, and artists to address how power relations take form in contemporary food cultures and materialize in particular food matters/materialities and in a wide range of food-related practices such as production, harvesting, circulation, preparation, control, and consumption.