Food Matters recognizes the importance of art in addressing socially and culturally produced power dynamics and in moving towards cultural change. We, the organization committee, also observed the increase of interest in experiential and sensorial modes of knowledge production and transmission in the exploration of food-related matters. The Virtual Art Gallery thus featured creative and alternative forms of knowledge creation about matter and materialities as they link in one way or another to contemporary food cultures.

Here is the list of the artists and artworks featured in the Virtual Art Gallery:
Meaty Prepositions: Simple meat-based recipes to make your relationship with meat more messy, by Ali Kenefick
[Im]moral Food, by Dawn Woolley & Zara Worth
Tasting Our Way Through Queer, Crip, Asian Identity & Space, by Fiona Cheuk & Amy Poon
Theniir, by Geetha Sukumaran, Packiyanathan Ahilan & Vaidheki
Kitchen Cultures, by Kaajal Modi
Pita and Passports, by Kim Nelson
Everyday Activism Through Food & Foodstagramming, by Manli Zhu
We Story the Land, by Martha Stiegman & Sherry Pictou
What the body knows (but may have forgotten) – MOUTH: A memory of a performance, by Max Dingle
All You Have To Do, by Sally Robinson
Hemo-resonance #2, by Samuel Thulin
Broken English, by Steve Hawley

The Virtual Art Gallery was curated and coordinated by Pamela Tudge.