Food Matters Inequities & Resistance: How Activists and Practitioners are Fighting Back Against Social & Environmental Injustices

Food justice activists, practitioners, and scholars have long argued that inequities in food systems are symptoms of broader social and environmental injustices. In what is known today as Canada, food inequities are tightly intertwined with colonialism, poverty, racism, ableism, sexism, climate change, and other forms of oppression, exclusion and discrimination processes. While these inequities can vary between and within regions, communities, and households, they transpire as patterns that illustrate the pervasiveness of culturally produced injustices and their impact on individuals and communities.

This plenary will feature perspectives from activists and practitioners who are grappling with and proposing means of resistance to entrenched social inequities as they take form through food in communities where they live and/or work. Food and land access and rights, preservation of traditional foods, foodways (including hunting, fishing, gathering, etc.), rights and responsibilities of racialized, colonized, marginalized communities will be among the many themes raised and discussed in this plenary. The panelists will briefly share their most pressing concerns, and discuss some of the ways in which their collective expertise can guide the efforts to create more equitable food systems.

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