Photo of Peter Andrée

Peter Andrée

Community-based research; Sustainable food systems; Policy and governance; Genetically-modified organisms; Civil society

Department: Political Science, affiliated with Geography & Environmental Studies


Courses: PSCI 3609: Global Politics of Food; PSCI 4809: Global Environmental Politics

Selected Publications

Andrée, P., J. Clark, C. Levkoe and K. Lowitt (eds.).  2019. Civil Society and Social Movements in Food System Governance. Routledge Press. 322pp. Open Access:

Andrée, P., Ayres, J., Bosia, M., and Massicotte, M.-J. (eds). 2014. Globalization and Food Sovereignty: Global and Local Change In the New Politics of Food. University of Toronto Press.  376pp.

Andrée, P. 2007. Genetically Modified Diplomacy: the global politics of Agricultural Biotechnology and the Environment. Vancouver: UBC Press. 324pp.