Traditionally, communications officers would issue a lot of press releases to the media and make a few calls, hoping a journalist would take hold of the idea and write a compelling story about it.

melanie-coulsonToday, Melanie Coulson argues, communications officers can bypass traditional media and tell those stories themselves on their owned and social media channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

To hone those skills, Coulson will be offering a hands-on workshop entitled, Digital and Social Media Communications as part of the FPA Professional Institute.

“There is so much demand for storytelling and owning our own brand, but we’re not always sure how to do it,” says Coulson, the Director of Communications and Content at United Way Ottawa. “We have to understand where our audience is and go there.”

Coulson says the workshop offers a space for participants to experiment with ideas and technology without the pressure of deadlines or the workplace. Her emphasis will be on projects that you can do on your phone and desktop, using free software.

“This is ideal for communications folks who want to deliver something new, who want to be inspired. You may work in government, a private company or in a nonprofit – but you’ll return with a different way of telling your story that will impress others in your organization,” says Coulson.

To learn more about “Digital and Social Media Communications” and to register for the workshop, please click here.