Many communicators strive to find the one-size-fits-all communications product. One magazine for everyone? Check. Press releases sent to every potential audience? Check. The same advertisement in every newspaper? Check.

But while this approach seems more efficient, it may not be the most effective.

“The key thing to remember is that ‘everyone’ is not an audience,” says Dr. Gina Grosenick, a strategic communications consultant and workshop instructor. “You need to develop a targeted message for each audience. That’s where we can help.”

Dr. Grosenick and Carleton Instructor Derek Antoine will present a fast-paced, information-packed two day seminar that demonstrates tactics in identifying your audiences and connecting with them at Carleton University on April 26th and 27th.

The participants in the workshop typically represent a wide range of non-profit groups, from industry representatives to international NGOs to local activists. That diversity leads to rich conversations and many new connections within the non-profit sector. What they all have in common is the use of limited resources to reach a diverse audience.

With that in mind, participants learn to build a communications plan for each project: the questions to ask, key messages, and the best tools to employ.

“Make it sound personal, but also use your key messages across multiple vehicles,” advises Dr. Grosenick.

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