Monday, May 15, 2017

Humanitarian Response Network Funds Graduate Student Research

Jay Ramasubramanyam, PhD student in Law and Legal Studies

Two Faculty of Public Affairs students are among the first recipients of Humanitarian Response Network research grants to support cutting-edge research on global humanitarian issues.

Jan Ramasubramanyam is a PhD student in Law and Legal Studies and Tyler Foley is a PhD student in Political Science at Carleton University. The pair each won a grant of $2,500 to support research on issues relating to humanitarian policy and practice.

The Humanitarian Response Network is made up of 32 Canadian humanitarian organizations. It seeks “to share lessons learned with the view to strengthen the quality and efficiency of humanitarian action by creating a conversation around key humanitarian policy issues and practices.”

The students will be presenting elements of their research to members of the humanitarian community in December 2017.

“This grant program is an exciting partnership that has the potential to significantly enhance Carleton’s engagement in issues of refugees and humanitarian assistance,” said James Milner, an associate professor of Political Science at Carleton. “Our hope is that a successful pilot program will enable the HRN to request additional funds from the Government of Canada to expand the program in the coming years.”

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