By Elizabeth Jones, 2nd year student, Global and International Studies 

The Faculty of Public Affairs hosted an Emerging Scholars’ Conference on Migration, Identity and Politics in Europe as part of FPA Research Month on March 1st.

The ideas and theses presented by these scholars were intriguing and well-researched, and the scholars presenting had fun and received good questions.

The first panel began with Maricia Fischer-Souan about migrant identities in Great Britain, Spain, and France. Following that, Brian Van Wyck spoke on the subject of Orientalism and Integration in West Germany, specifically in the 1970s and 1980s. Then Christopher Molnar presented his thesis on Balkan Refugees in German History, and the last presentation for this panel was by Elena Kaliberda about  migrant radio in the public sphere, and how this relates to the identities of migrants.

There were many questions asked after the panel presentation, and all of them were based around historical processes and ways of integration, including what types of obstacles there were and clarification on those obstacles. This conference had an air of intelligence and people were willing to learn about the topics discussed.

The amazing thing about conferences that present emerging scholars is that new ideas and new information is produced and shown to the academic world, and scholars, both new and old, gain a new understanding about a variety of topics. Research Month hosts many opportunities for students to come and learn about new topics, or to give more information on topics students already find really interesting

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