Martin Geiger

Professor Martin Geiger

Political Science Professor Martin Geiger and partners will study the role of companies, tech clusters and countries in the global competition for talent.

How do leading technology companies in Canada and China recruit and retain global talent and utilize existing policies and programs in order to promote innovation and growth?

Professor Geiger has received a $197,000 Partnership Development Grant from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) to study this topic in partnership with academic and private research institutions, important industry intermediaries, and individual experts with unique familiarity and knowledge on talent mobility and innovation.

As stated in the successful research proposal: “Canadian and Chinese stakeholders in talent mobility have much to learn from one another. While China demonstrates how talent flows can translate into innovation, Canada has long-standing expertise with targeted migration policies; it also offers an unparalleled range of programs that can inform the recruitment of talent worldwide.”

The three-year SSHRC-project will lead to the “generation of new knowledge through partnered research in selected Canada and Chinese technology clusters”, as well as the effective mobilization of findings and recommendations to target audiences in industry, government and international organizations.

The project partners include leading institutions in the field of migration policy research, technological innovation and connecting global talent to employers, based in Canada (British Columbia and Ontario) and China (Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Shanghai).

The project builds on Professor Geiger’s current Ontario Early Researcher award (ERA) and two SSHRC-funded Knowledge Synthesis Grant and Partnership Engage Grant projects.

Invited to Paris Peace Forum

Professor Geiger has also been invited to present a proposal to create a “new international entity that is a future ILO-type organization on global talent mobility” at the Paris Peace Forum in November, which is being organized by French President Macron.

He describes this as the “great first outcome” of the Partnership Development Grant. He is also serving as an organizer for the Beijing 2020 Metropolis conference.

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