What Can You Do With a Master’s Degree from the Faculty of Public Affairs?

We have been able to follow the career paths of many of our graduates, including many from the Master of Journalism, Master of Social Work, and many programs leading to a Master of Arts. We have information on more than 2000 alumni from the MJ, MSW, and MA programs and their employment situation, either current or past. This information is summarized in the interactive display below – just point and click to find out more!

Information relating to the MAs in Communication, European and Russian Studies, Legal Studies, and Political Economy, is included in “All FPA Masters of Arts”, but not reported separately because of the relatively small number of individuals included. The information represented in these displays is drawn from databases maintained by Carleton’s Alumni Services. It was voluntarily provided by some of our graduates and does not represent a scientific sample of all graduates. Some students in this sample will have also completed other degrees, including at more advanced levels. Individual experiences and outcomes can differ from those represented here.