Photo of Gemma Patey

Gemma Patey

FPA Ambassador

Second Year, Bachelor of Global and International Studies, specialization in Global Politics

Advice for Current and Future Students:

Make sure you use your University experience for more than academics. University is an amazing time to obtain knowledge not only from your classes, but also from other experiences outside of academia. Volunteering or working in a role that will support the things you learn in the classroom is an excellent idea to make your education well rounded. whether on campus or off campus, it’s a great idea to make connections with people and organizations that will help you once you’re finished with your schooling. Oftentimes, it is these extra-curricular things that make university so memorable!

My favourite Ottawa spot:

Personally, I adore being in our Capital, having our beautiful Parliament buildings and national museums so readily available by bus. My favourite spot is behind the Library of Parliament, where you can sit and read a book while looking out at the Ottawa river.

Fun Fact about Me:

I am a second degree black belt in karate!