PRIMARY INVESTIGATOR: Dr. Koo Ah Choo (previously Dr. Chui Yin Wong)

Co-PRIMARY INVESTIGATORS: Dr. Chui Yin Wong (Intel), Dr. Yvonne LEE (MMU), Dr. LAI Wan Teng (USM), Hazwan Mat Din (UPM)

INSTITUTE: Multimedia University (MMU), Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), Intel Corporation

Summative video for project ID50 (Oct, 2022):

Project update:

The project has the membership and support from various expertise of different institutions. A dissemination Webinar was conducted on 26 September 2022. It was a public event. Team ID50 presented their research experiences and findings. The sharing was focused on telecommunication expenditure, mobile usage experiences and behavioural patterns among the female elderly in Malaysia. This research was important to voice out the gender and age perspectives for better policies and development of technology and digital service plans. The webinar gave audiences insights of using mobile applications/services in the daily lives of female elderly users. From the sociological perspective, it also highlights the interwoven factors that influenced their mobile usage from an intersectionality approach. The webinar was attended by NGO members, academicians, researchers, and general public. Participants were interactive and provided their comments and viewpoint. Participant Rashidah observed that some female members of her NGO, were so afraid to use mobile messaging application, such as WhatsApp. There is still a gap between urban and rural area for their use of smart phones. Participant Lily expressed that smart phone training workshops offered to elderly learners were indeed beneficial, where such trainings should be promoted or multiplied at other areas, especially in rural regions. More concerted efforts should be conducted in designing mobile technology related programme for elderly women and other groups who needed awareness and education. The findings also benefit policymakers and telecommunication industry players.

A recording of the Dissemination Event by Project ID50:

Project ID50 MY Dissemination – Green & Wellness Research

SECTOR(S): Accessibility

STEAM FIELD(S): Technology

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Introductory video from project ID50 (Oct, 2020):