Current Graduate Students

Name Research Topic Supervisor(s) Social Media links
Elise Urness (MSc.) Can we estimate the number of undiscovered rare plant occurrences in Southern Ontario? Bennett
Jason Beaver (Ph.D.) modeling and mapping atmospheric carbon flux in the Hudson Bay lowlands: A remote sensing approach. King (Elyn Humphreys)
Adrianne Hajdasz (MSc.)

the independent effect of habitat amount, fragmentation and connectivity on avian biodiversity Fahrig (Greg Mitchell ECCC)

Joe Gabriel (MSc.) assessing the independent effects of landscape level habitat amount, fragmentation per se, and structural connectivity on forest understory plant biodiversity Fahrig
Meagan Harper
Kenneth Allan
Willow English
Katia McKercher
Thuong (Anna) Tran Nguyen (MSc.) assessment of the relationship between density of migrating songbirds and landscape composition of stopover sites using autonomous technologies (Charles Francis ECCC), Fahrig
Rowan Murphy (MSc.) how road proximity and nest configuration affect the predation rate of freshwater turtle nests Fahrig, (Amanda Martin ECCC)
Ambika Paudel (Ph.D.) Interactions between vegetation structure and composition and hydrologic regime in temperate forested wetlands, Gatineau Park, Canada. King (Murray Richardson)
Caitlyn Proctor (MSc.) prioritizing areas for the protection of species at risk in Ontario and the associated costs. Using systematic planning tools, areas of priority will be determined considering both the density of species at risk and land cost, given various budget scenarios Bennett
Christine Anderson Fahrig
Kayla Attinello (MSc.)
My project aims to assess the use of space-for-time substitution in landscape ecology by testing whether Canadian forest birds respond the same way to forest cover changes across space as they do to changes over time.
Fahrig (Scott Wilson, ECCC)
Lindsay Daly (MSc.) impact that habitat fragmentation, habitat amount, and habitat connectivity have on species abundance and diversity of small mammals in Eastern Ontario Fahrig
Iman Momeni-Dehaghi (Ph.D.) the impact of the roadkill on Monarch butterfly population size Bennett, Fahrig
Jaimie Vincent (MSc.) Clustering eBird data to infer migratory connectivity patterns for songbirds in the Western hemisphere Bennett @Jaimie Vincent
Allison Binley (MSc.) Realizing the full potential of citizen science: optimizing the allocation of conservation resources Bennett


Jordana Bergman (Ph.D)
Investigating the ecological connectivity of the Rideau Canal Waterway as experienced by invasive and native fish species
Bennett, (Steve Cooke)
Emily Lindsay (Ph.D.) Mapping rangeland and above-ground biomass of grasslands in Southern Alberta with multi-frequency and multi-temporal synthetic aperture radar King, Mitchell (Andrew Davidson)

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