Graduate students at GLEL

GLEL has hosted a wide range of wonderful graduate students, working on an impressive array of research projects.  The lab houses students, postdoctoral fellows, and visiting scholars working across a wide variety of interests within the fields of geomatics and landscape ecology.

Since our supervisors now include an array of faculty across three Carleton departments and associated institutions, we direct you to individual supervisor’s pages for more information about current graduate students and opportunities for future study.

As research projects are completed and theses defended, we add the electronically-archived thesis documents here.  Whenever possible, we also work together to produce peer-reviewed articles, chapters and conference papers, to share the findings with the broader research community.

Supervisors working with students in GLEL:

Joseph Bennett

Rachel Buxton

Andrew Davidson

Christina Davy

Lenore Fahrig

Charles Francis

Amanda Martin

Koreen Millard

Greg Mitchell

Scott Mitchell

Adam Smith

Scott Wilson