In the Fall of 2015, Matthew Robertson will be attending Western University for a Master’s in Library and Information Science.  He hopes to tie his love for the Classics and Librarianship together in further education, and employment.

The Master of Library and Information Science program aims to graduate qualified professionals with a thorough knowledge of theory and practice in library and information science. The program is at the graduate level because professional activity in this area is based not just on traditional and current practices but on theory that has been tested and supported by research. Graduates must be grounded in a variety of information processes and must be able to respond to the needs of a variety of information users for example, preschool and school children, undergraduate and graduate students, scholars and research scientists, public library users, the private and public sectors, professionals and non-professionals, including disadvantaged and self-defined social groups. To accommodate such variety, general principles must be stressed, together with their applications to specific cases. Technological and managerial changes have created demands for professionals with strong interpersonal and organizational skills, with an understanding of information systems and technology, with a spirit of intellectual inquiry, and with a commitment to high standards of ethical and professional conduct.