Careers for Classicists

Since the Renaissance, the study of Greek and Roman civilization has been recognized as providing a rigorous intellectual training, with its need for clear analysis and appreciation of the nuances of a wide range of material. Until a generation ago, Classics was the training of choice in Britain for the civil service.

Greek and Roman Studies still provides its graduates with the analytical skills, and skills in written and oral expression that are valued in contemporary careers.

The Pantheon, Rome.

The Pantheon, Rome.

Classics students normally go on to further academic qualifications, and often then go on to teach, either at university or at primary or secondary school, or to join the public service. Some obtain specialized qualifications in related fields, and work in museums or as archaeologists. Others benefit from their intellectual training in Classics, and go on to careers in Law or Medicine.

Greek and Roman studies is a good foundation for many professions, because its value lies in studying some of the most fundamental aspects of the human condition: justice, truth, law, society, language, and beauty, to name a few.

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Here is what some recent graduates in Greek and Roman Studies are doing now.

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