I graduated in 2017 with a B.A. in Greek and Roman Studies and a minor in Philosophy. At convocation I was awarded the Senate Medal. I was also the recipient of the Robert E. Osborne Scholarship in Classical Greek. In 2018 I will be attending the University of Western Ontario for an M.A. in Classical Studies, for which I was granted full funding and the Chair’s Entrance Scholarship.

 Having originally planned on pursuing a degree in the field of Cognitive Science, I decided instead to switch into the Greek and Roman Studies degree after taking Introductory Greek with professor Hawkins and Greek and Roman Drama with professor Klaassen. During my degree I was able to volunteer at the University of Ottawa’s Museum of Classical Antiquities, study abroad at Swansea in Wales, and TA under Cecilia Cozzi for GREK 1006. 

 Some of my interests include: Greek and Latin languages, linguistics, literature (especially Homer and the Greek dramatists), vase painting, and philosophy.