1. Fall 2023/Winter 2024 Outlines
    1. 1000 Level Courses
    2. 2000 Level Courses
    3. 3000 Level Courses
    4. 4000 Level Courses
  2. 4th Year GRS Seminar Descriptions

Fall 2023/Winter 2024 Outlines

1000 Level Courses

2000 Level Courses

3000 Level Courses

CLCV 3010B, CLCV 3202A and CLCV 3701B are all offered in the winter term.

4000 Level Courses

4th Year GRS Seminar Descriptions

CLCV 4800A with Professor Gregory MacIsaac (Winter 2024)

Plato and the Sophists

About a third of the course will be looking at the works of 5th century sophists such as Gorgias, as well as looking at the political situation of Athens that made sophistical rhetoric an attractive tool for young aristocrats. The other two-thirds will look at Plato’s depiction of and criticism of sophistry, in his dialogues Protagoras and Gorgias, and probably a few other shorter ones.

CLCV 4210A with Professor Elizabeth Klaassen (Fall 2023)

The City of Rome

Over the course of the semester, we will conduct a chronological, topographical survey of Rome, combining the study of literary and historical sources with study of the archaeological remains from the earliest occupation of the site to late antiquity. Students will examine individual monuments, areas of the city, and the city as a whole to gain insight into its physical history, that is, how changes over time left marks on the urban landscape. We will consider the political, cultural, and religious importance of the archaeological remains and topography of ancient Rome. Throughout the semester, students will be active in research and critical thinking.

This seminar in Greek and Roman Studies has as its prerequisite fourth-year standing in the Greek and Roman Studies B.A. program, or permission of the department. Students are expected to have a grasp of the outlines of Roman history such as might be obtained, for example, from Ancient Roman CivilizationHistory and Sources 753 BCE to 640 CE, by R. Mathisen (Oxford University Press, 2019).