Jonathan Malcolm photo

Jonathan Emanuel Malcolm will be continuing his studies with a Master’s in International Affairs at the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs at Carleton. In particular, Jonathan will be focusing on International Organizations and Global Public Policy. Within this interdisciplinary program, Jonathan will be exposed to legal, political, social, and many other perspectives in analyzing international affairs.

During his undergrad, Jonathan’s interest in Latin had a profound impact on the rest of his university degree. He completed four levels of Latin, and was the Peer Assisted Study Session facilitator for all of the first year Latin classes for two consecutive years. In his studies of Spanish, Italian, and French, he found that their similarities to Latin made the languages easier to understand and master. When writing in English, he found that he had a deeper understanding of grammatical constructions and that his vocabulary had expanded. He found that he approached reading in a much more analytical manner after years of  translating Latin texts.

Jonathan hopes to continue his studies in language during his Master’s program. He is interested in learning more of the Romance Languages, relying on his experience with Latin to provide a strong foundation for any other language.