Classical Greece

Crete, Mykonos, and Athens with Study Leader Professor Shane Hawkins
October 11 – 21, 2018

Greece – there are few places on earth whose history has shaped the modern world so powerfully and in so many ways. The birthplace of democracy, theatre, western literature and philosophy, with its timeless art and architecture, Greece is still at the center of our cultural imagination.

This trip has something to offer everyone, whether interests run from the pre-historic to the modern. Experience the Parthenon by moonlight, dinner by the sea in the shadow of the temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounion, the famous ‘Palace of Minos’ at Knossos, and Mykonos’ ‘Little Venice’.

No trip to Greece is complete without a visit to the islands. We start in Crete with its Minoan ruins, museums, and monasteries and continue to the winding streets and beautiful beaches of Mykonos with a day excursion to sacred Delos, home of the Athenian treasury and birthplace of the god Apollo. In Athens we experience the resplendent Acropolis then to the ancient ruined citadel of Mycenae, site of Heinrich Schliemann’s famous discoveries.

Experience the history, culture, stunning vistas and beaches of Greece, while enjoying superb Mediterranean cuisine and friendly accommodations.

– Shane Hawkins

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