The Canadian Institute for Mediterranean Studies presents a public lecture by Dr. Jaclyn Neel:

Tarpeia, Warrior and Hero

Wednesday, Sept. 20, 7 pm
303 Paterson Hall, Carleton University
This lecture is also available on Zoom

Tarpeia is best known as the eponym of the Tarpeian hill and rock, which is popularly understood as a place from which traitors were executed. This method of execution is explained by the identification of Tarpeia as an archetypal traitor. Looking beyond the ‘canonical’ narratives of Livy and Plutarch, however, we see glimpses of a different Tarpeia tradition: one in which Tarpeia did not betray Rome, but in fact tried to save it. This talk discusses the fragmentary history of this other Tarpeia, who may have fought in Rome’s earliest army and who appeared to receive cultic worship well into the Roman Republic.

Jaclyn Neel received a BA in Classics from Columbia University in 2005 and a combined MA/PhD in Classics and Ancient History from the Collaborative Program in Ancient History at the University of Toronto in 2012. Her research centres on Roman mythology and political discourse, and she is also interested in the afterlife of antiquity.

Tarpeia, Warrior and Hero Sept 20 2023