Photo of George Harrison

George Harrison

Contract Instructor

Degrees:BA (Marquette University) MA (University of Wisconsin PhD (Johns Hopkins University)


Excavator in Greece (Paros — Paroikia; Crete – Knossos, Phalasarna, Pseira, Vrokastro) and Turkey (Cilicia — Misis)

Books, articles, and public lectures on Seneca and Plutarch; reception of Greek Tragedy

Creative Writing:
Scripts for modern performance of ancient plays; Cerrd Dafod + poems in Journals
Visiting Fellow at the University of Crete (Rethymnon)

Research Interests

Performance of Greek and Roman tragedy in the Roman Empire
Martial’s books on dining and Gifts
Economy and society of Crete and Egypt during the Roman Empire
Plutarch’s Moralia


Performance in Greek and Roman Theatre, co-editor with Vayos Liapis. Leiden, Brill,  2013, 588 pp.
reviews: BMCR 2013.11.27; Ancient History Bulletin 4 (2014) 15 – 20.

Octavia, Doomed Wife of Nero; performance script. Richler Resources 2009.
Quoted in London Review of Books 26 Feb 2009.

Satyr Drama: Tragedy at Play, ed. Swansea, Classical Press of Wales 2005, 295 pp.
reviews: BMCR 2007.12.34, Classical Review 57 (2007) 293 – 95.

Seneca in Performance, ed. Swansea, Classical Press of Wales 2000, 231 pp.
reviews: BMCR 01.02.26, Classical Review 51 (2001) 258 – 59, Journal of Roman Studies 92 (2002) 251 – 52, Scholia 10 (2001) 130 – 32, Greece and Rome 48 (2001) 95 – 97.

Philosophical and Historical Studies on Plutarch, ed. Chicago, Ares 1994 = Ancient World 25.
review: Ploutarkhos 13 [1996] 14–15.

The Romans and Crete (Amsterdam, Hakkert 1994); 469 pp., 70 illustrations, 69 inscriptions.
review: Journal of Roman Studies 85 (1995) 305 – 306.

Life and Death in Ancient Egypt: The Diniacopoulos Collection; co-editor with Jane Francis. Montreal, 2011, 141 pp.

Studies in Chinese and Western Classical Civilizations: Essays in Honour of Professor Lin Zhichun on his 90th Birthday, co-ed. Changchun, Jilin People’s Publishing House 1999, 441 pp.

Forthcoming or in Preparation
— Books/Scripts/Articles in Books
(1) Brill Companion to Roman Tragedy. Brill; editor; in press, to appear Nov 2015.
(2) “Aeschylus in Rome”, in R.F. Kennedy, Brill Companion to the Reception of
Aeschylus; contract signed.
(3) Ps-Seneca ‘Hercules Oetaeus’: A Reader’s Guide. SSHRC funded research.
(4) Ps-Seneca ‘Octavia’: A Reader’s Guide. SSHRC funded research.
(5) Hercules Oetaeus. Script for performance.
(6) Seneca and Plutarch; in collection.
(7) An Illustrated Guide to Martial’s Xenia and Apophoreta; in collection.

(1) “Abra and the Octavia”; in draft.
(2) “Nero as Megara in Seneca’s Hercules furens?; 1st draft completed
(3) “Seneca, festivals, theatres, inscriptions”; 1st draft completed
(4) “Pearls before Boys”, in revision.

2022/2023 Courses

CLCV 1002A Survey of Greek Civilization (Fall)
CLCV 2500A Classical Mythology (Winter)
CLCV 2305/TSES 2305V Ancient Science and Technology (Fall/Winter)

Recent Publications

George W. M. Harrison
Myth and Levels of Language in the Octavia – 387
The Patras Myth Conference 2020


Awards for Teaching at Carleton and NorthEast Normal University; advisor of student organizations that won awards.