Photo of Laura Gagné

Laura Gagné

Contract Instructor

Degrees:BA (University of Ottawa); MA (Queen’s University); PhD (University of Toronto). page


Laura Gagné earned her MA at Queen’s University under the supervision of Dietmar Hagel.  She was awarded the Humanities Outstanding Thesis Award for her thesis “Abstraction and Mycenaean Art: A New Look at Plant and Animal Representations in the Shaft Graves at Mycenae.”  She earned her PhD from the University of Toronto in the Ancient Studies Collaborative Program under the supervision of Sturt Manning and Carl Knappett.  The title of her thesis is “Middle Cypriot White Painted Ware: A Study of Pottery Production and Distribution in Middle Bronze Age Cyprus.”

Research Interests

  • Archaeology of Childhood,
  • Ceramic Technology
  • Ancient Greek Art
  • Ancient Greek History
  • Mortuary Ritual, the Iconography of Power
  • The Shaft Graves of Mycenae, Mycenaeanology
  • Bronze and Iron Age Cyprus
  • Bronze and Iron Age Aegean and East Mediterranean

2023-2024 Courses

  • CLCV 1002A: Survey of Greek Civilization (F)
  • CLCV 2500A/ENGL 2500A: Classical Mythology (W)
  • CLCV 2303A/ARTH 2102A: Greek Art and Archaeology (F)
  • CLCV 2304A/ARTH 2105B:  Roman Art and Archaeology (W)

Book Chapters

“Apprenticeship and Learning in the Prehistoric Potter’s Workshop.” in Pottery. History, Preparation and Uses. Lorraine Doyle (ed). New York: Nova Science Publishers, Inc. 2019.


“Rantidi Forest Coastal Survey” in preparation.

“The Terracotta Statues of Lingrin tou Dhigeni, a Rural Sanctuary in Southwestern Cyprus.” in preparation.

“The problem of regional variation within Mycenaean IIIC:1 pottery. The view from Cyprus,” Scripta Mediterranea vol. XXVII-XXVIII (2007), pp. 105-111.

“Learning to make pottery. A look at how novices became potters in Middle Bronze Age Cyprus.” BASOR 372 (2014) 19-33.

“Children in the workshop? A reinterpretation of Åström’s classification of some ceramic styles from Bronze Age Kalopsidha, Cyprus.” Report of the Department of Antiquities, Cyprus.  In review.