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Marianne Goodfellow

Contract Instructor

Degrees:M.A. (University of New Brunswick), Ph.D. (University of Ottawa)
Phone:613-520-2600 x 3391
Office:2A64 Paterson Hall
Office Hours:
Wednesdays and Thursdays 3:00-4:30 or by appt.


Former research assistant in manuscript collections in European libraries, and supervisor on archaeological excavations on Paros (Greece) and in Carthage (Roman North Africa).

Research Interests

  • The reception of Vergil’s Georgics in Antiquity and the Middle Ages.
  • Hadrian’s Wall and Roman Roads.
  • A transcription and commentary on a personal WWI diary for 1917.

2019/2020 Courses

CLCV 1008 Introduction to Archaeology I (F)
CLCV 1009 Introduction to Archaeology II (W)
FYSM 1106 Issues in Classics: Travel and Sight-seeing in the Ancient World (F/W)


“Early Reception of Vergil’s Georgics: Protinus ITALIAM Concepit.” Vergilius 61 (2015), 43-76.
Abstract:  Certain notices and critical discussions of the Georgics in Latin authors and commentators have not been collectively studied in the context of ancient reception and influence; nor, more importantly, are they even widely known. The purpose of this article is to assemble these passages and discover what they can tell us about how the poem was understood in antiquity. The collected testimony includes the earliest notices of the Georgics by key words, praise for its poetic elegance, and evaluations of the finales in ancient commentary (Servius, the Scholia Bernensia, the Georgicorum Brevis Expositio, and Macrobius’ Saturnalia).

“Tilth and Vineyard, Hive and Horse and Herd. An Essay on Vergil’s Georgics.” In What’s Cooking? A Festschrift in Celebration of the 75th Birthday of Mary Ella Milham. Edited by James S. Murray. University of New Brunswick Libraries, 1997, pp. 74-86.

“Purple Passages from the Second Georgic in Tacitus,” African Classical Association 17 (1983), 100-07.

“North Italian Rivers and Lakes in the Georgics,” Vergilius 27 (1981), 12-22.

Brearley, Denis and Goodfellow, Marianne. “Wulfstan’s Life of St. Ethelwold. A Translation with Notes,” Revue de l’Universite d’Ottawa 52, No.3 July – September, 1982), 377-407.