Roland Jeffreys

Contract instructor (retired Associate Professor)

Degrees:BA (London); MA (McMaster); PhD (London)


Roland Jeffreys was born and brought up in Wales, and attended university in England (University College London) and Canada (McMaster). Early in his career he taught at the University of Krakow (Poland), University of London, and St. Patrick’s College (University of Ottawa). He was a full-time faculty member at Carleton from 1967 -2005, and served as Chair of the Classics department twice, as Graduate and Undergraduate Supervisor of Classics, and as the Director of the School of Languages, Literatures and Comparative Literary Studies. Since retirement (2005) he has taught as a contract instructor.

Research Interests

In general

  • Latin literature in its historical context.

In particular

  • The literary patronage of Messalla
  • Concepts of truth and bias in ancient historiography
  • Seneca


Articles and papers on:

  • Augustan poetry and the regime
  • Messalla
  • The Tibullan Corpus
  • Lucretius
  • Tacitus

Publications in:

  • Phoenix
  • Classical Quarterly
  • Latomus