Photo of Sarah Cook

Sarah Cook

Contract Instructor

Degrees:BHum (Carleton University); M.A. (Carleton University)
Office:310A Paterson Hall


Sarah Cook is a PhD candidate at the University of Georgia in Athens, Georgia working under the supervision of Richard Elliott Friedman and Baruch Halpern. Her dissertation is entitled “When Texts Dwell Together: Discerning Editing in the Torah.” She earned her BHum and an MA in Religion and Public Life at Carleton University.

Research Interests

  • Hebrew Bible – source criticism
  • Hebrew Bible – text criticism
  • Scribal culture and text transmission in the ancient near East
  • Translation in the ancient world
  • The Septuagint
  • Ancient near eastern literature
  • Legal texts in the Hebrew Bible
  • Gender in the ancient world

Courses Fall Winter 2023/2024

  • FYSM 1106A – Intersections of Identities in the Ancient Mediterranean (F/W)
  • RELI 2710A – Maccabees to Muhammad (F)


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“Jacob.” Bible Odyssey, 2020.

Review of “Found in Translation: Essays on Biblical Translation in Honor of Leonard J. Greenspoon.” Review of Biblical Literature 4 (2020).