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Yukai Li

Associate Professor

Degrees:A.B. (Princeton), M.St. (Oxford), Ph.D. (Yale)
Phone:613-520-2600 x 2524
Office:2A56 Paterson Hall
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I am a scholar of Greek literature and the Homeric epics in particular, although I also enjoy teaching a broader range of courses including language and history. In addition, I have strong interests in literary theory and contemporary continental philosophy. My undergraduate degree is from Princeton, and I have also studied at University of Pennsylvania, followed by graduate degrees at Oxford and Yale, where I finished a Ph.D. in classics & comparative literature. Since then, I have been teaching here at Carleton.

Research interests

My research interests lie between classical studies, literary theory, and continental philosophy. My book, Future Fame in the Iliad: Epic Time and Homeric Studies, was published by Bloomsbury Academic in 2022. My most recent articles have been on Homer, Theocritus, and Deleuze.

2023/2024 Courses

CLCV 1002B:  Survey of Greek Civilization (W)
CLCV 2008A:  Greek and Roman Epic (F)
CLCV 2103A:  Greek Religion (F)
CLCV 3701B:  How To Do Things With Homer (W)

Publications and presentations


2022: Future Fame in the Iliad: Epic Time and Homeric Studies. Bloomsbury Academic


TBD (accepted): “Helpless spectators in the Odyssey and the cinematic image of time.” Classical Antiquity.

2023 (in press): “Pastoral between words and things: Theocritus, ekphrasis, and ontology.” Classical Philology.

2019: “The distraction of pastoral and Theocritus’ painted world.” Classical Philology 114. 3: 383-405.

2018: “The silence of the muse.” Arethusa 51. 2: 91-115.

Book reviews

TBD (in press): Review of Ready, Jonathan L. 2019. Orality, Textuality, and the Homeric Epics. Oxford. Phoenix.

2021: Review of Loney, Alexander A. 2019. The Ethics of Revenge and the Meaning of the Odyssey.  Oxford. Classical Journal.

2019: Review of Grethlein, J. 2017. Die Odyssee: Homer und die Kunst des Erzählens. München. Journal of Hellenic Studies 139: 233-234.

Selected recent presentations

2023 (upcoming): “Forking time and spectatorship in the Odyssey” (Society for Classical Studies)

2021: “Iliadic fame and the splitting of time” (Classical Association of the Middle West and South)

—“Homeric fame and incompleteness, or, the zombie apocalypse will not arrive” (Whitman College)

2020: “The breaking of the present: time and kleos in the Iliad” (University of Toronto)

—“Ekphrasis and the ontological problem of pastoral” (Classical Association of the Middle West and South)