Event Title: Trauma- and Violence-informed Physical Activity in Motion: Prezdential Basketball

Event Description:

Join us for this month’s trauma- and violence-informed landscape of practice meeting where we’ll hear from Manock Lual, the founder of Prezdential Basketball

For the first 30 minutes Manock will present on the work being done by Prezdential Basketball. After the presentation, there will be an opportunity for questions and discussion. The final 20 minutes will be devoted to breakout discussions for each community of practice to meet.

Please note, the first half of this event will be recorded.

Date: May 4, 2023

Time: 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM (ET)

Location: Zoom

Register here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/tvipa-in-motion-prezdential-basketball-tickets-585971034137

What is a Landscape of Practice? LoPs are diverse groups of people interested in the same thing, in this case, TVIPA. LoPs are made up of communities of practice (CoPs), which are smaller groups of people who engage in TVIPA in the same way. For example, this LoP will be made up of three CoPs: Community Advisory Board members, TVIPA researchers, and physical activity practitioners interested in TVIPA.

What does being involved in the LoP look like? The LoP will be invited to attend monthly presentations and discussions on TVIPA. Following each LoP meeting, CoPs will have the opportunity to meet for discussions tailored to their interests.

Interested in learning more? If you are interested in being a member of the LoP or would like more information please contact the Research Manager, Gabby Gonzalez Montaner (gabby.gonzalezmontaner@carleton.ca).