Welcome to the Trauma- and Violence-informed Physical Activity Modules

This training was designed for individuals who are interested in expanding their knowledge of trauma- and violence-informed approaches to physical activity service provision and programming for self-identified women. This training focuses on the Canadian context and was made possible by funding from the Public Health Agency of Canada to address the call Preventing and Addressing Family Violence: The Health Perspective. The primary purpose of this funding is to prevent family violence; and/or support the health of survivors.

What to expect:

This course will guide you through the core concepts of TVIPA and will take approximately 4 hours and 25 minutes. First, you’ll learn the basic principles of TVIPA. Then, you’ll learn about trauma and its effects on the body and brain. Finally, you’ll hear from a number of people who have implemented their own TVIPA programs. Along the way, there will be case studies, videos, and interactive questions to expand your knowledge of TVIPA.

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