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Dr. Francine Darroch

Dr. Francine Darroch’s participatory action research focuses on equity-oriented health promotion with populations experiencing marginalization. Her work specifically examines social determinants of health,Indigenous health, maternal health, and the intersections of sex, race, gender and violence. Her current research aims to address inequities in physical activity for pregnant women and parents with the goal to improve quality of life and overall health.

This work addresses individual, systemic, and structural barriers to physical activity. Francine completed her CIHR funded-PhD at the University of Ottawa. Her postdoctoral work at the University of British Columbia was supported by a Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research Trainee award, a Killam Foundation Fellowship, and a SSHRC Banting Postdoctoral Fellowship.

She holds additional funding from the Women’s Health Research Institute and Vancouver Foundation where she has co-created and implemented a community developed, trauma- and violence-informed physical activity intervention for pregnant and parenting women experiencing multiple marginalizations in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.

Dr. Darroch has additional research interests in gender and sport, including female distance runners and their experiences of pregnancy as well as examining controversial policies around gender verification in athletics. Overall, her research is committed to social justice and health equity.