May 2022 – August 2022

Environmental Scans and Community Advisory Board Creation

  • Environmental scans were conducted to gain insight into free physical activity programming for women and children in Ottawa, Toronto, and Vancouver.
  • The findings were tabled and developed into interactive maps to be shared with community partner members
  • Community advisory boards (CABs) were created at each of our four community partnership sites across Ottawa, Toronto, and Vancouver.
  • Monthly site-specific CAB meetings have since been conducted to connect researchers with community representatives, who play an integral role in guiding each step of the research process.

August 2022 – February 2023

Service Provider Interviews

  • 34 in-depth interviews with service providers (SPs) were conducted to inform the development of TVIPA online modules and our landscape of practice (LoP; a collaborative team consisting of approximately 200 individuals, consisting of researchers, service providers, and community members involved in our research).

May 2023

Focus Groups

  • 13 focus groups (85 participants total) were conducted with community members across our four community partner sites to inform the TVIPA programming for the respective communities.

July 2023 – February 2024

TVIPA Online Modules

  • We first launched our pilot TVIPA online modules for service providers in July of 2023 and officially launched the English version for the public in February of 2024! The French version is set to Launch in April of 2024.

Learn more about the modules here

September 2023 – Present

Community Based TVIPA Programming and Research

  • Community-based TVIPA programming was introduced at all four partner organization sites in September of 2023. We are currently (February 2024) halfway through our third block of programming.
  • Each ‘block’ of programming consists of 6 weeks of physical activity programming. So far, the activities have included yoga, Zumba, dancing, weight training, and boxing
  • Community members who consent to participating in our research are invited to complete:
    • Baseline questionnaires at the start of each block
    • Pre- and post-programming check-ins before and after each weekly session
    • Follow-up questionnaire and interviews at the end of each block
  • So far, we have had over 100 individuals take part in our physical activity programs!