Dr. Francine Darroch was awarded the Faculty Graduate Mentoring Award for her exceptional service to her graduate students. Read what her students shared about her below:

  • “I owe Francine my complete gratitude for her influence on many of my life changing experiences while at Carleton. Working with Francine has inspired me to explore a career in community-based health research, which I would never have previously considered.”
  • “She is the most equity-focused professor I have encountered at Carleton, and she is both understanding and respectful of my limitations while encouraging my autonomy to make decisions about what I am and am not able to handle at any given time. This is exceedingly rare.”
  • “Darroch takes a person-centric approach to mentorship, allowing students to carve out projects and engage in opportunities based on their academic, professional, and personal goals. Although she often supervises upwards of 10 students at a time, she somehow remembers everyone’s individual interests and ambitions, finding ways to support their unique academic and professional endeavours.”

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