Postdocs/ Research Associates

Emma Jorgenson
05.2017-12.2017, Optical fiber based PCR
Content Designer, IBM, Ottawa

Dr. Jason Coyle
01.2015-12.2016, Plasmonic-photonic multifunctional devices
Senior Scientist, EMD Performance Materials, Boston, USA

Dr. Sandrine Lepinay
03.2012-04.2014, Plasmonic tilted fiber Bragg grating sensors

Ph. D.

Dr. Daniel Prezgot
10.2014-12.2019, Functional properties of hybrid resonances in plasmonic nanocrystals
Research Associate, National Research Council, Ottawa

Dr. Adam Bottomley
01.2011-09.2016, Properties of supported silver nanocrystals: tuning and anisotropy
Scanning Probe Microscopy Experimentalist, Canadian Bank Note Company, Limited

Dr. Alex Beliaev
04.2010-09.2014, The sensitivity enhancement of fiber-based Bragg sensors with resonant nano-scale coating Co-supervised with J. Albert
Research scientist, GBatteries, Ottawa

Dr. Amy Won
09.2008-09.2012, Effect of small modification in the primary structure of antimicrobial peptides on their membrane activity
Postdoc, University of Toronto

Dr. Nur Ahamad
09.2006-01.2012, Fabrication and tailoring plasmonic properties of two dimentional assemblies of metal nanostructures towards engineering novel plasmonic sensors
Professor, Shah Jalal University of Science and Technology, Bangladesh

M. Sc.

Jimmy Baril
01.2021-01.2023, SERS monitoring of hot electrons generated in plasmonic nanostructures
Chemist, Overburden Drilling Management, Ottawa

Devron Colley
09.2019-08.2021, Optical Properties of Substrate Supported Mixtures of Silver and Gold Nanoparticles

Ella Kirkland
12.2019-12.2020, Selective Thermoplasmonic Embedment of Supported Silver Nanocrystals
Project Manager, Canadian Banknote company, Ottawa

Alexandra Gale-Mouldey
09.2016-08.2018,  Plasmonic core/half-shell nanoparticles: Exploring half-shell growth for Au, TiO2, SiO2, and Cu2O onto silver nanocubes
Program officer CFI, Ottawa

Mike Bushell
09.2016-08.2018, Utilizing Hybrid Plasmon Modes to Probe Nanoparticle-Polymer Interfaces
Advanced Microscopy Specialist, TechInsights, Ottawa

Emma Jorgenson
05.2015-05.2017, Anisotropic nanomaterials: silver-copper oxide core-partial shell nanoparticles. Senate Medal for Outstanding Academic Achievement.
Technical officer, National Research Council, Ottawa

Devin O’Neill
05.2014-09.2016, Silver nanowire coating as a functional thin film
Postdoc. AMOLF, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Daniel Prezgot
09.2012-09.2014, Far-field and near-field optical properties of strongly interacting silver nanocrystals

Alyssa Staff
09.2012-05.2014, Examining the gilded cage: synthesis, optical properties and plasmonic applications of gold nanocages
Scientist, Epocal Inc.

Alex Beliaev
01.2008-03.2010, Tilted fibre Bragg grating sensors. Application in monitoring of the chemical fabrication of nanometer metal films, Co-supervised with J. Albert

B. Sc.

Stu MacKinnon
2024 Novel Plasmonic Multilayer Nanomaterials: Design, Properties andApplications
Graduate student, Carleton University

Zitian Xu
2023 Review Methods to increase the Enzyme Regulation Activity at the Plasmonic Nanomaterial Surfaces

Chloe Ranahan
2023 Antimicrobial Properties of Plasmonic Nanoparticles
Graduate student, Carleton University

Zachary Pogue
2023 Exploring Ink-Jet Printing for the Fabrication of Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering Substrates

Alexandra Ng
2022 Antibacterial Properties of Nanoparticles

Ryan Posthumus
2022 Investigation into Detecting Enzymatic Activity ofAlpha-Amylase by Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy
Graduate student, Queens University

Michael Oostlander
2022 Effect of plasmonic nanostructures on the activity of laccase

Hoomam Fallah
2022 Effect of plasmonic nanostructures on the activity of lipase

Aria H. Birgani
2021 SERS Based Examination of Orientation and Binding of Phenylisocyanide (PIC) on Gold and Silver Surfaces
Graduate student, Queens University

Kevin Wright
2021 Low Surface Coverage Deposition of Gold Nanoparticles and Silver Nanocubes onto Glass via (3-Aminopropyl)trimethoxy Silane and Poly(styrene)-block-Polyacrylic Acid.

Averey Kudlow
2020 Investigating strong coupling effects in supported silver nanocrystals
Graduate student, University of Toronto

Jack Cruikshank
2020 Raman shift- based thermometry
Graduate student, McMaster University

Moarij Syed
2020 Wavelength selective incorporation of nanoparticles into polymer support
Graduate student, Dalhousie University

Ben Kitts
2020 Effect of nanoparticles on protein fibrillation

Hal Bowen-Smith
2020 Generation of hot electrons in supported silver nanocrystals
Technical officer, National Research Council, Ottawa 

Jimmy Baril
2019 Photocatalytic reduction of 4-Nitrobenzenethiol using plasmonic silver nanocubes with Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy monitoring

Stephen Tatarchuk
2019 Selectively coloured silver nanocrystal composites mediated by plasmonic gap modes
Graduate student, University of Waterloo

Devron Colley
2019 New peptides for synthesis of chiral gold nanoparticles through aqueous-based seed mediated growth
Graduate student, Carleton University

Merick Makila- Boivin
2019 Raman thermometry of silver nanocubes
Physical Science Officer at Environment and Climate Change Canada, Ottawa

Brandon Guest
2018 Thermodynamics of nanoparticle incorporation into polymer films
Software Developer, YuJan, Ottawa

Anjali Karki
2018 Plasmonic nanoparticles with partial shell

Morgan Kenny
2018 Thermoplasmonic printingfilms
Formulation Chemist, Canopy Growth Corporation

Mike Bushell
2016 Thermosensitive nanocomposites

Carlo Paolozzi
2016 Incorporation of silver nanowires into polystyrene substrates
Graduate student, Carleton University

Alex Gzyl
2016 The effect of capping agents on the incorporation of silver nanocubes in polystyrene films
Graduate student, University of Alberta

Alexandra Gale-Mouldey
2015 Anisotropic core-shell nanocubes

Emma Jorgenson
2015 Peptide mediated plasmonic nano-architecture

Tyler Leggo
2015 Fiber based PCR
Global Study Associate, AstraZeneca, Toronto.

Danielle McRae
2015 SERS probe on plasmonic fiber
Graduate student, Western University

Jason Quinn
2015 Thermoplasmonic nanomaterials
Cell production engineer, Salient Energy, Nova Scotia, Canada

Irving Rosas-Brugada
2014 Cell membrane disruption by brevinin
Research Assistant at The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto

Romain Mathevet
2014 Surface activity of brevinin
Industrial Hygienist at Newmont Goldcorp Corporation, Toronto

Rachel Smith 
2013 Use of plasmonic nanostructures to monitor the activity of membrane active peptides

Steven Walker
2013 Ag@TiO nanocubes
Technical officer, National Research Council, Ottawa

Devin O’Neill
2013 Synthesis and characterization of silver/silica core/shell nanocubes

Alyssa Staff
2012 Silicon substrates’ effects on the plasmonic signatures of silver nanocubes

Annamaria Ruscito
2012 Interaction of freeze-inducible protein MR-27  on lipid raft model using AFM
Graduate student, Carleton University

Andrey Tytchino
2012 Surface plasmon properties of silver nanocubes interacting with carbon nanotubes

Daniel Prezgot
2011 Synthesis, patterning and plasmonic applications of silver nanocubes

Adam Wells
2011 SERS capability of silver nanoparticles embedded in phosphate glass
New substance notification specialist, Environment and climate change Canada

Steven Tshakatumba
2010 Membrane lytic activity of anoplin and latarcin2a G11A as a function of vesicle sizes
Project Manager, TMX group

Grace Idiong
2010 Interactions of antimicrobial peptide latarcin in phospholipid membrane

Morin Khan
2010 Interactions of D-anoplin with phospholipid monolayers

Altaf Mahmud
2009 Effect of cell membrane composition on the kinetics of antimicrobial peptides action

Dave Mandia
2011 SERS capability of silver nanoparticles embedded in phosphate glass
‎Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Argonne National Laboratory

Adam Bottomley
2009 Fabrication of thin metal films by electroless deposition

Bryan Quan
2008 UV resonance Raman spectroscopy: antimicrobial peptide structure-function relationships
Postdoc, Institute of Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering, University of Toronto

Amy Won
2008 Molecular mechanism of antimicrobial peptide pEM-2 activity

Phuc Nguyen
2008 Mode of action of bovine lactoferricin 11-residues on DPPC and DPPG model membrane

Corey Nelson
2008 Effect of cell membrane composition on antimicrobial peptides

Deeptee Seebun
2008 Molecular mechanisms of action of antimicrobial peptide anoplin
Research technician, Ottawa Institute of Systems Biology

Graham Galway
2007 The development and characterization of novel NSOM probes
Laboratory coordinator, Carleton University

 Lesley Owens
2007 Antimicrobial activity of anoplin
Medical radiation technologist- nuclear medicine, St. Joseph’s hospital, Toronto

Andrew Bergeron
2007 Preparation of SERS substrates using layer-by-layer deposition
Research development section head, Canadian Nuclear Laboratory, Deep River, Ontario, Canada

Lidia Nowacka
2006 Interactions of lactoferricin B derivatives with model cell membrane

Research Assistants and Visitors

Anna Kirkland

Linh Lam
2021 ICUREUS, 2019, DSRI

Shanleigh Kirk
2019 DSRI

2019 CHEM 3400, ICUREUS, 2018 NSERC USRA: Chiral nanoparticles.

Stephen Tatarchuk
2018 ICUREUS student

Joel Halle
2017 NSERC USRA, 2016 Walker Summer Student: Plasmonic nanocomposites

Alexandra Gale – Mouldey
2015 Research Assistant: Materials for plasmon-mediated heating

Vlad Pripotnev
2013, 2014 Co-op Student: Near-field microscopy of plasmonic nanomaterials

Mitchell Robson
2013 Research Assistant: Near-field Microscopy of plasmonic fiber

Jean-Michel Renoirt
2013 Visiting Ph.D. student: Effect of oriented nanowires on TFBG sensor

Iryna Byznytska
2012 Walker Summer Student: Polyelectrolyte-assisted assembly of nanocubes

Kelvin Kung
2012 NSERC USRA: Layered silver nanocubes

Annamaria Ruscito
2010, 2011 NSERC USRA: Membrane activity of antimicrobial peptides

Sorin Gustin
2009-2010 Research Assistant: Antimicrobial activity of D- anoplin

Anna Akpawu
2009-2010 Research Assistant: Membrane permeabilization by antimicrobial peptide latarcin

Stahs Pripotnev
2009, 2010 NSERC USRA: UV resonance Raman spectroscopy of antimicrobial peptides

Bryan Quan
2006-2007 NSERC USRA: Mechanisms of antimicrobial peptides activity

Harrison Westwick
2005-2006 NSERC USRA: Raman spectroscopy of antimicrobial peptides

Amber Lemay
2005 Research Assistant

Agata Stankiewicz
2004-2005 Research Assistant