Photo of Paul Mkandawire (Sabbatical - returning July 2020)

Paul Mkandawire (Sabbatical - returning July 2020)

Co-Director (Human Rights and Social Justice), Institute of Interdisciplinary Studies, Associate Professor

Degrees:PhD (Western), MSc (Imperial College London)
Phone:613-520-2600 x 3101
Office:1320 Dunton Tower

Research Interests:

My research is broadly located at the intersection of global and public health and human rights. It is predicated on the premise that the promotion and protection of human health are intimately linked to the promotion and protection of human rights and social justice. I apply qualitative and quantitative methods to the investigation of dimensions that link the environment and human health, and of synergies between public health and human rights. I am also interested in providing a better understanding of how state and non-state institutions mobilize responses to epidemics of global proportions and human rights and social justice implications of global health policies.  Currently, I hold cross-appointments in Department of Geography, Institute of African Studies, and Institute of Health: Science, Technology and Policy. I also supervise graduate student research in areas relevant to my research interests.


Carleton University Research Achievement Award                           2016

Association of American Geographers Emerging Scholar Award     2016

Publications – referred articles

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AFRI 5000 – Historical and Contemporary perspectives in African Studies


HUMR/CHST – 3303 Children’s Rights

HUMR 3301 – Race, racialism and human rights

HUMR 3504 – Public Health and Human Rights

HMUR 4907 – Social inequalities in health, IIS

Grad Students

Katherine MacPherson (MA) – Perceptions of health and wellbeing among South Sudan Canadians (current)

Asli Mahdi (MA, co-supervised) – Therapeutic places of South Asian women in Ottawa (Completed 2015)

Verah Urassa Mdai (MA, co-supervised) – Female Sex Workers and HIV Policy: Culture, Development, and HIV Vulnerability of Disadvantaged Women in Tanzania, (Completed 2014)