Picture of Canadian War Museum

Canadian War Museum

The Canadian War Museum is Canada’s national museum of military history. The museum explores Canada’s military past from the first recorded instances of armed violence. The museum includes major exhibitions on wars fought within Canada, WWI,WWII, the Cold War, and peace support operations past and present.  The museum also includes a military history research centre.

From the Museum: Dedicated to the education, preservation and remembrance of Canada’s military history, the Canadian War Museum also demonstrates a commitment to environmental sustainability. The Museum’s architectural theme, as reflected in its design, is regeneration:

While nature may be ravaged by human acts of war, it inevitably survives, regenerates and renews itself.
— Raymond Moriyama, architect

By fully integrating this theme into the building and landscape architecture through energy-efficient features, the use of recycled materials and a green roof, the Museum recognizes the harsh reality of war, yet offers hope that, like the regenerating landscape, Canadians will inherit a future free from conflict.