Exchange online offers several premium features:

  • 50GB mailbox — never miss an important message because of a full inbox.
  • An email address and alias — you receive all mail addressed to your Exchange, or to your email alias,  …more
  • Use your smartphone or tablet — compatible with your device’s built-in mail and calendar apps
  • Read your mail from any Web browser — optionally access your mail at using any of the top browsers: SafariFirefoxChrome, or IE 9+
  • Spam and malware blocking — continuously updated by suspicious mail reports received across Microsoft’s 100M user-base.  …more (EOP)
  • Calendar — send and receive meeting requests, record appointments; use your phone’s built-in calendar, Outlook on your PC or Mac, or any web browser.
  • Flexibility: Forward your Exchange email — consolidate all your email: then follow these steps
  • Regular server upgrades – Exchange Online is continuously upgraded, giving you enhanced features and security, while avoiding the outages normally incurred by major upgrades.
  • Clutter” feature—have messages you normally don’t reply to or which you delete after reading, automatically routed to your “Clutter” folder, rather than “cluttering” your inbox. Enable or Disable this feature at any time.

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