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Email Address

An email address points to a mailbox residing on an email server, where your received and sent messages are stored. Your mailbox containing your email messages is accessible via an email client program (e.g. Outlook, mail.app, Thunderbird, etc.), a smartphone or tablet, and a web-browser.

Email Alias

At Carleton university, any address ending in @carleton.ca is actually an email alias.

  • An email alias has no mailbox or storage associated with it.
  • An email alias always points to another email address.
  • Whenever an Exchange mailbox is created, an email alias is also created pointing to it; however you may request to have your email alias re-pointed — for example, to a faculty-provided email address, or even to an external email address.


Email Addresses vs Aliases

Email addresses:
janedoe@cunet.carleton.ca, janedoe@mae.carleton.ca, janedoe@physics.carleton.ca, janedoe@doe.carleton.ca,

Email aliases
jane.doe@carleton.ca, jane_doe@carleton.ca

Related FAQ

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