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Shared Mailbox

Shared Mailbox is a mailbox to which multiple users have access and from which, multiple users can send/receive messages. It can serve as a common repository for a departmental email address.  It can also contain folders and sub-folders, which everyone with access to the Shared Mailbox can save to or read.

Shared Mailboxes are created on request by the ITS Service Desk. Once created, see the User Guides below to Access the Shared Mailbox from Outlook on a PC or Mac.

Note 1. All folders or sub-folders created within a Shared Mailbox share the same access permissionsas the Shared Mailbox — you cannot have different access permissions for a particular sub-folder with a Shared Mailbox.

Public Folder

Public Folder is a deprecated service that Microsoft is phasing out in favour of Shared Mailboxes.  Like Shared Mailboxes, Public Folders also allow multiple users to save to or read from a common folder in Outlook.  By default however, Public Folders have no associated email address, although one can be assigned to enable the resulting Mail-enabled Public Folder to receive email messages.

Note 2: ITS is no longer creating new Public Folders; nor mail-enabling, existing Public Folders. Instead, you may request a Shared Mailbox.

Note 3: The existing Public Folder hierarchy is visible to every mail user at Carleton — not the contents of the Public Folders of course, but the names of every Public Folder. If you continue to use any Public Folders, exercise discretion in how you have named them, since that name is visible to everyone at Carleton.

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