The Geography MA offers the opportunity to investigate how elements of place, space and environment interact with one another to explain human activities. Students are encouraged to identify and explore a particular problem under the guidance of one or more knowledgeable members of the faculty.

The Geography MSc offers the opportunity for students to practice integrative science, by drawing upon two or more traditional disciplines such as biology, physics and chemistry in order to enhance their understanding of the natural world.

Program Information

Degrees: Master of Arts, Master of Science

Length: 2 years

Entry Terms: Fall

Fall Application Deadline: February 1

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Contact: Graduate Supervisor, Elyn Humphreys

Pathway Options: Thesis

M.A. Geography
with Specialization in Latin American and Caribbean Studies (5.0 credits)

Requirements – Thesis option (5.0 credits)
1.  0.5 credit in: 0.5
LACS 5000 [0.5]
Interdisciplinary Approaches to Latin American and Caribbean Studies
2.  0.0 credit in: 0.0
LACS 5800 [0.0]
Scholarly Preparation in Latin American and Caribbean Studies
3.  1.0 credit in: 1.0
GEOG 5000 [0.5]
Approaches to Geographical Inquiry
GEOG 5905 [0.5]
Masters Research Workshop
4.  2.5 credits in: 2.5
GEOG 5909 [2.5]
M.A. Thesis (in the specialization and including oral examination of the thesis)
5.  1.0 credit in approved graduate-level electives 1.0
6. In addition to the formal requirements, MA students are required to attend the Departmental Seminar series, and the Graduate Field Camp.
Total Credits 5.0