Did you know that you can complete a minor or specialize in Latin American and Caribbean Studies at Carleton University? 

If you have an interest in the region, then consider a program of study that will allow you to develop the kind of expertise that is certain to enhance your undergraduate training and prepare you professionally.  

Future career paths include development, foreign affairs, graduate work in humanities and social sciences, Non-Governmental Organizations, human rights and social justice, business, journalism, travel industry, education and research. 

With a minor or specialization in LACS, students exploring job opportunities or considering graduate studies, will have the potential to stand out from other applicants. They will develop a strong level of expertise through a program of study that introduces students to the history, economy, politics, culture, and environment of both Latin America and the Caribbean within the global system. 

Developing regional expertise provides students with the tools necessary to challenge hegemonic narratives and to explore ways in which Latin America and the Caribbean social and political thought have influenced perspectives and realities of these regions.   

Whether you are in Journalism or History, Political Science or Literature, Global and Internal Studies or the Humanities, the undergraduate program in Latin American and Caribbean Studies promises to bring value to your academic program in a way that will serve you long after you have graduated.   

Get in touch with Professor Diptée to learn more about the possibilities that await you.  

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