The Bachelor of Global and International Studies (B.G.In.S) is committed to Carleton University’s long tradition of study and research that focuses on international problems and perspectives. Students in this program will benefit from opportunities uniquely linked to the university’s location in Ottawa by providing access to a wide range of national and international institutions, associations and agencies.   

Students pursuing undergraduate studies in the BGINS program have the opportunity of pursuing a specialization in Latin American & Caribbean Studies.  

If you have an interest in the region, then consider a program of study that will allow you to develop the kind of expertise that is certain to enhance your undergraduate training and prepare you professionally.  

 Future career paths include development, foreign affairs, graduate work in humanities and social sciences, Non-Governmental Organizations, human rights and social justice, business, journalism, travel industry, education and research. 

Get in touch with the Coordinator of Latin American & Caribbean Studies, Professor Diptée, to learn more about the possibilities that await you.  

B.G.In.S. Specialization in Latin American and Caribbean Studies (7.5 credits)

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Courses Offered in 2022-2023