The program requirements of the collaborative MA program in Latin American and Caribbean Studies (LACS) are designed to ensure that graduate students can learn and advance their thinking among faculty and peers that share their interest in the region. 

Students will not only be reading seminal works important to the field, but they will also have opportunities to work on their research proposals and present their ideas to others in LACS community. 

The specialization is available to students in the following programs;

M.A. Anthropology
M.A. Communication
M.A. Geography
M.A. History
M.A. International Affairs
M.A. Legal Studies

M.A. Migration and Diaspora Studies
M.A. Political Economy
M.A. Political Science
M.A. Sociology
M.A. Women’s and Genders Studies

Click the link below to view the degree requirements for the Collaborative LACS MA programs: